Evariant Selected as a Finalist in the Fierce Innovation Awards: Healthcare Edition

Evariant, the leading provider of a CRM platform based on a centralized healthcare data hub, analytics, and communications engine, announced today that is has been selected as a finalist in this year’s Fierce Innovation Awards: Healthcare Edition 2016, an awards program from the publisher of FierceHealthcare, FierceHealthIT and FierceHealthPayer. Evariant was recognized as a finalist in the category of Population Health Management/Patient Engagement Solutions.

Evariant was selected as a finalist for its innovative, industry leading product, Evariant Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution. The Evariant CRM Solution is designed to help healthcare organizations generate actionable data in order to understand patient and consumer populations, pinpoint a hospital’s or health system’s target audience for engagement campaigns, and develop effective healthcare outreach programs. When targeted messages are sent through the proper communication channels to the appropriate audience, patients are more likely to listen and engage with their healthcare providers.

Finalists were selected by a distinguished panel of CIOs from renowned U.S. hospitals and healthcare systems, including Aspirus, Cook Children’s Health Care System, and JFK Health System, among others. A complete list of judges can be found at: https://www.fierceinnovationawards.com/healthcare/2016#our_judges.

All applications were evaluated based on the following criteria: care efficiency, competitive advantage, financial impact/value, market need, patient experience/satisfaction, quality of care and patient outcomes, and overall fierceness and innovation. Finalists were selected based on calculation of the judges’ scores in each area.

“We are honored to be a finalist in this year’s Fierce Innovation Awards, as this recognition is a testament to the work Evariant is doing to help health systems and hospitals thrive in today’s hyper-competitive and rapidly changing environment,” said Bill Moschella, CEO of Evariant. “Hospitals and health systems are continuously looking for ways to foster richer consumer and patient engagement and achieve tighter physician alignment – the Evariant CRM Solution does just that. With this platform, these organizations are armed with a tool that enables them to build, launch and manage multi-channel campaigns and allows them to interact with patients throughout their entire healthcare journey.”

To learn more about Evariant visit, www.evariant.com.

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About Evariant
Evariant sees a future where healthcare organizations deliver precise, efficient care solutions not only inside an organization’s walls, but also beyond. We make this a reality by continuously innovating a healthcare CRM platform – a platform based on a centralized healthcare data hub, analytics, and communications engine – capable of identifying, executing, and measuring all types of engagement initiatives. The result is greater visibility into opportunities, richer engagement with key constituents, and continuous measurement and improvement. Many of the leading healthcare institutions have selected our solutions to optimize their care strategies and related initiatives. Learn more at www.evariant.com.