Evariant Announces Innovative Best Next Actions Solutions for Consumer and Physician Engagement

New Evariant Insights Solution Guides Users to Top Growth Opportunities through Reimagined Market Exploration Analysis

Farmington, CT—May 14, 2019—Evariant, the healthcare consumer and physician engagement company, announced today the launch of Evariant Insights, an innovative actionable intelligence solution that prescribes best next actions for healthcare’s most pressing consumer and physician engagement questions. The Evariant Insights solution reimagines how previously siloed consumer, patient, and physician data is accessed and understood to dynamically answer important healthcare strategy and execution questions, such as “Where are my highest value service line growth opportunities?” and “What actions should we take to better manage patient journeys through consumer and physician engagement efforts?” Evariant Insights Business Planner, the first Evariant Insights offering, guides users through top opportunity analysis to identify recommended Best Next Actions that optimize growth through smarter patient acquisition and retention.

“We are reimagining how healthcare leaders answer key consumer and physician engagement questions and determine the best next action to take to achieve indisputable success,” said Clay Ritchey, CEO of Evariant. “As an example, answering the question ‘How do I grow market share by 10%?’ historically required weeks of work to decipher a multitude of siloed data sets. With Evariant Insights Business Planner, we bring those data sets together and proactively provide the answers and required actions to marketing, strategy, and business development teams.”

The Evariant Insights Business Planner solution integrates extensive national consumer, patient, provider and claims data, provider volumes and referrals, and patient journey analytics to reveal market insights, top growth opportunities, and Best Next Actions within an intuitive, highly dynamic web-based user interface. After identifying the top growth opportunities in a particular market area, service line, and sub-service line, users can hone their strategy leveraging the guided discovery pathways, including:

  • Market activity analysis: Gain a deep understanding of current market activity by drilling into specific procedure code(s) to identify zip-5 hot spots and uncover seasonality trends.
  • Market consumer segmentation: Discover consumer segments with the highest propensity need. Compare the identified best next action consumer segments against that market’s entire population to better customize messaging and communication channels and optimize ROI.
  • Referral analysis: Create top opportunity provider outreach lists by leveraging a combination of provider activity data, loyalty measures, and clinical code level detail. Configure loyalty and splitter criteria to super-charge the best next action.

“Evariant Insights Business Planner facilitates a more holistic examination of market areas, corresponding consumer segments, and target service line activity to support a client’s growth goals,” stated Rebecca Marani, General Manager of the Evariant Campaign Center. “Our team of healthcare marketing experts are now equipped with even more intelligence from Evariant Insights Business Planner to recommend strategy based on the top opportunity analysis and prescribed Best Next Actions.”

Moreover, with the announcement of Evariant Insights, comes super-charged flexibility to customize and configure service line definitions down to the clinical code level based on how the healthcare provider is organized. Users can further their investigation by defining the geography, including one or many counties, a radius around a zip, and across state lines.

“Helping healthcare providers find, guide, and keep patients for life is the core of what Evariant is all about. For us, Evariant Insights is a natural progression of the Patients for Life Platform, and we will continue to invest in solutions that enable providers to optimize growth through smarter patient acquisition and retention,” concluded Ritchey.

Evariant is showcasing new Evariant Insights offerings as well as spotlighting client stories next week (May 21-23, 2019) at the 24th annual Healthcare Marketers and Physician Strategy Summit in Chicago, IL. Reserve a time for a product tour of the Evariant Insights Business Planner at the Evariant booth now.

For more on how marketing teams can identify top opportunities, sign up for The Next Generation of Smarter Patient Acquisition & Retention through Best Next Action Insights SHSMD U webinar sponsored by Evariant on June 18 at 2pm ET.


Evariant, the healthcare consumer and physician engagement company, enables providers to optimize growth through smarter patient acquisition and retention. Our customers achieve indisputable value through high-value service line growth, improving provider network utilization and planning, and extending patient lifetime value. The Evariant Patients for Life Platform™ delivers actionable intelligence that enables healthcare providers to execute Best Next Actions to find, guide and keep patients for life. Evariant is the trusted advisor to leading healthcare systems representing over 1,000 hospitals nationwide. For more information, visit evariant.com