Envera Health and Evariant Team up to Create End-to-End Engagement Services Offering for Healthcare

Partnership combines leading CRM, analytics, healthcare applications and clinical workflow expertise to create an ecosystem to succeed in consumer-driven care

Envera Health and Evariant are partnering to create a full-service ecosystem that will assist health systems to deliver a superior consumer experience, improve outcomes and drive growth. Built on a leading Healthcare Customer Relationship Management (HCRM) platform powered by data, analytics, and services, the partnership puts the patient at the center by building a 360-view of the patient, creating a better care environment for patients, providers and payers and extends the capabilities of Salesforce Health Cloud. Health Cloud gives healthcare providers the ability to make smarter care decisions, engage with patients across their caregiver networks and manage patient data in new and powerful ways. “Consumers deserve a better experience in today’s fragmented healthcare system,” states Dan Neuwirth, CEO, Envera Health. “To improve that experience, health systems need to see a clearer picture of the person they are engaging with, at every level, in every interaction. Providing that level of service requires integrating data, analytics and care plans into one platform, and then delivering a truly connected experience. What we have built with Evariant helps health systems make a step-wise leap to delivering more consumer-oriented healthcare.”

Envera Health offers end-to-end engagement services to healthcare systems to drive both improved clinical and financial performance. Custom workflows are delivered through a full-service call center and designed to optimize connectivity between physicians and patients, creating a “new front door” to streamline care.

These services are powered through Evariant’s HCRM solutions made smarter by their advanced data and analytics. This unique industry ability to create an easy experience for consumers is further strengthened by being built on the on the Salesforce platform and available on the AppExchange, the world’s leading enterprise apps marketplace.

“In today’s consumer-driven healthcare environment, it is more critical than ever to create a deep, lasting and positive relationship with patients,” said Bill Moschella, CEO, Evariant. “This experience will require a fundamental shift in how healthcare approaches and engages with the consumer and will require significant investments in data, technology and skill. We believe this partnership offers healthcare systems an opportunity to create an amazing experience for consumers that can drive real and better outcomes for all.”

Together, Envera and Evariant have built all the components that enable health systems to deliver this experience. Health systems, facing tightening budgets and overwhelming priorities, have the flexibility to create their own, unique solution for their organization’s needs. They can select and build out the services that are highest on their priority list while scaling the rest of their infrastructure at their own pace.

Those services focus on supporting health systems in their journey to creating:

  • Smart Growth: provides consumer-oriented growth services to attract and retain patients, improve access and strengthen referral relationships
  • Coordinated Care: evidence-based workflows designed with providers to better connect with patients across the continuum, coordinate services and improve outcomes
  • Network Development: optimize fee-for-service and value-based arrangements to support the health system’s capabilities to succeed in alternative payment models

Connectivity and consistency are critical elements in being successful at activating and engaging consumers, which is a growing need in healthcare today. Only at a more personalized, connected level of engagement will we ensure a better experience, superior outcomes, and a stronger financial outlook for providers.

Salesforce Health Cloud enables providers to get a more precise view of patient demographic, lifestyle and health information to better serve their needs and build stronger relationships,” said Dr. Joshua Newman, Chief Medical Officer at Salesforce. “Evariant is a valuable part of our journey towards creating a modern healthcare platform for patients, doctors and extended care teams.”

This partnership can deliver solutions across the entire continuum of care and help to address the most critical of issues such as growth, access and care coordination. With services that focus on the patient, driven by best-in-class technology, consumers can receive the care that they need through the experience they desire and the outcomes they deserve.

About Envera Health
A hands-on engagement services organization, Envera Health offers a complete continuum of solutions to empower our provider partners to succeed in delivering consumer-driven healthcare. Our solutions cover what we believe are primary sources of issues in healthcare: growth, access, care coordination and network development. Envera Health’s engagement services are designed to create seamless connections for providers and patients and enable our healthcare partners to succeed in balancing both clinical and financial performance. By offering a complete continuum of solutions strategically designed together with our partners, Envera empowers providers to deliver better, more connected care. We aim to add value in every moment, for every patient, every time. Learn more at enverahealth.com.

About Evariant
Evariant provides the leading healthcare CRM platform designed to help health systems transform the healthcare experience for their consumers, patients, and physicians. Built in partnership with Salesforce®, the Customer Success Platform and world’s #1 CRM, our solutions foster richer consumer/patient engagement and tighter physician alignment. Evariant’s platform, powered by industry-leading data and analytics, enables health systems to effectively communicate care options that increase revenue and market share, while optimizing network utilization. Many of the top health systems have selected Evariant to thrive in today’s hyper-competitive and rapidly changing environment. For more information, please visit www.evariant.com.

About Salesforce Health Cloud
Salesforce Health Cloud is a cloud-based patient relationship management solution, built on the Salesforce Service Cloud — the world’s #1 customer service and support application — that enables healthcare providers to deliver get a complete view of the patient, drive smarter care management and enable connected patient engagement across devices.