Customer Success Services for Access & Call Centers

Evariant Customer Success Services for Engagement Center help you eliminate silos and transform the healthcare call center into a profit center. We support your organization throughout platform implementation and internal training, perform Maturity Assessments, and develop Strategic Playbooks that help you drive smarter patient engagement, increase acquisition numbers, and create patients for life.

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Support the Patient Journey with Improved Caller Experiences

In addition to implementation and technology support, our team of experts works with your organization to conduct a Maturity Assessment and build custom Playbooks, such as Marketing & Operations Skillset Workshops and Call Queue Workflow Optimizations. These Playbooks ensure your organization is set up to deploy an end-to-end, personalized patient experience across multiple channels. The result? Transform your call center into a profit center and a critical engagement tool throughout the patient journey.

Deliver Customer-Centric Experiences with Engagement Center


Transform Your Call Center into a Profit Center

Evariant Customer Success services help your organization develop a unique, clear, targeted call center strategy to reach specific audiences, focus on high-value service lines, and drive campaign ROI. Our experts helps you proactively reach patients, re-engage potential leads, build stronger relationships with patients, and cross or upsell additional care initiatives. With Evariant Customer Success support for Engagement Center, you increase patient engagement, support population health programs, and drive revenue.

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Speak with an Evariant expert to learn how your organization can drive patient volumes, advance high-value service line strategies, and generate attributable ROI.

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