What Does an Optimal Customer Experience With a Call Center Look Like?

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By: Daymon Smith

As the healthcare landscape shifts toward a value-based care model, consumers and patients are taking more responsibility for their individual health. The combination of higher premiums, copays, and deductibles mean consumers hold the care they receive to a higher standard. They research competitive pricing, treatment quality, and customer service to make informed decisions. Read more

4 Steps in Creating a Data-Driven Physician Engagement Strategy

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By: Emilio Ruocco

In today’s healthcare environment, physician engagement is essential to improving quality of care, efficiencies, and organizational revenue.

A recent Gallup study discovered physicians who were fully engaged or engaged were 26 percent more productive than those that were not engaged or actively disengaged. In terms of patient revenue, this difference equates to an average of $460,000 in revenues per physician per year.

To create an effective physician engagement strategy, healthcare organizations need the data and insights that empower physician liaisons to have smarter, more impactful outreach interactions. With the help of a technology platform, healthcare organizations can leverage and analyze physician activity and referral data from an entire market to inform their engagement strategy. Read more

For the Chief Marketing Officer: how to implement or upgrade an HCRM

By: Gary Druckenmiller

This article is the second in a series that discusses the value of healthcare CRM. In the first article, we looked into how HCRM technology and HCRM vendors have evolved. The second article provides a guideline for chief marketing officers who are looking to implement a new HCRM system or upgrade their current one. Read more

The evolution of the healthcare CRM

By: Gary Druckenmiller

Healthcare marketing isn’t what it used to be. Consumers are more informed than ever and expect highly personalized care experiences from their providers. Like all corners of the health system must adapt to meet these changing dynamics, the marketing department must also adjust to better serve their community. Read more

What the C-Suite should be demanding of healthcare marketing teams

By: Daniel Lavelle

In today’s healthcare marketplace, there is no shortage of available data – including EHR, CRM, financial, marketing, call center, to name just a few. In fact, an EMC report recently found healthcare to be one of the fastest growing segments in the digital data universe with 48 percent annual growth. Read more