Value-Based Care: Three ways the healthcare industry can benefit from analytics

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By: Gary Druckenmiller

In the midst of an industry shift toward value-based care and an increasing demand for “retail healthcare experiences,” health systems are struggling to remain competitive. How can organizations provide high-quality, personalized patient experiences that differentiate their facility from the hospital across town? Read more

The Changing Healthcare Marketing Landscape

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By: Rachel Neely

Many external factors affect the healthcare industry, including changing government regulations, evolving consumer needs and preferences, technological innovation, economic fluctuations, and more. These ever-changing elements could be catastrophic, or could be the motivators that push healthcare organizations to innovate and evolve. In order to remain competitive and successful, healthcare organizations need to be flexible and adapt alongside these influences. Read more

7 Marketing Metrics That Matter to the Hospital C-Suite

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By: Gary Druckenmiller

More than ever, hospitals are investing in technology to support not only the clinical side, but also the business side. However, with the integration of technology comes increasing expectations for what’s possible, whether that’s enabling a cutting-edge surgical procedure, or delivering actionable intelligence to inform decision-making. Read more

Health Care Marketing Campaigns: It’s No Longer ‘Awareness Versus Acquisition,’ It’s ‘Awareness With Acquisition’

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The health care marketing world is rife with well-ingrained processes, vendors and “traditions.” For years, branding and awareness campaigns were all that was “needed” – we would put up billboards, secure a few solid television spots and plaster ourselves over local radio and print. However, with the advancement of digital strategies and technologies, marketing funds started to shift from traditional tactics to inbound tactics – search, social and display.
Read more

What Does an Optimal Customer Experience With a Call Center Look Like?

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By: Daymon Smith

As the healthcare landscape shifts toward a value-based care model, consumers and patients are taking more responsibility for their individual health. The combination of higher premiums, copays, and deductibles mean consumers hold the care they receive to a higher standard. They research competitive pricing, treatment quality, and customer service to make informed decisions. Read more