Case Study: Lehigh Valley Health Network

Serving over 1.9 million patients, Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) is a regional health system in northeastern Pennsylvania comprised of seven hospital campuses, a multitude of health centers, and other ancillary services. For 21 consecutive years, LVHN achieved high rankings from U.S. News & World Report for a variety of specialties.

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Engaging Consumers and Physicians in Tandem to Drive Revenue

LVHN’s marketing team first considered a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to answer: “What is our Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)?”

The team understood that marketing to consumers and patients alone is not enough to drive revenue. John Marzano, Vice President, Marketing and Public Affairs at LVHN explains, “We needed solutions that leverage our relationships with our physicians and directly engage consumers. This is why we purchased the Evariant Marketing and Physician solutions.”

Marzano also notes the Evariant solution can be used to help determine LVHN’s population health strategy. He explains, “As we get into Accountable Care Organizations, defining populations, and driving the health of these populations, we can run data models and use the results to communicate with specific groups of people to more proactively address specific diseases, such as diabetes or heart disease. The strategy is to get in front of these consumers with education and clinical recommendations to keep them healthy or more cost effectively treat their disease.”


The CRM Journey

The team implemented the Evariant Marketing Solution in March 2016. Over the first three months, the marketing team spent time learning how to use the healthcare CRM solution and data to drive decision making. Over the next three to six months, LVHN launched their first campaigns. Today, LVHN is way ahead of their adoption curve. After only eight months, LVHN’s already calculating ROMI and attribution — 10 months ahead of schedule.


Aligning PRM with CRM

LVHN is a very large enterprise that is constantly taking on more provider partners and community hospitals, which means there is an increasing number of medical staff that must be integrated into the network. The primary objective of the Physician Solution is to analyze claims to ascertain physician referral activity and loyalty so the physician liaison team can act to win more doctor referrals.

However, the combination of data about consumers and physicians increases the chances of success. Marzano explains, “We use the PRM data to help us win patients as well. For example, if we see that we are losing bariatrics business because physicians are referring patients to our competitors, we can execute a marketing campaign targeting those outliers and encourage them to use LVHN.”


Amazing Results

Campaign results are staggering. The first bariatrics campaign delivered a 18:1 ROMI and exceeded the lead goal by 500 percent. The orthopedics campaign saw an ROMI of 13:1 and surpassed the lead goal by 290 percent.

“The intelligence we derive from the Evariant solution is expanding marketing’s charter at LVHN,” comments Dan Lavelle, Administrator of Marketing at LVHN. “Marketing can now meet with operational leaders and say: ‘We know there is demand for your product, but you must create access, open more locations, acquire more providers, or staff up in certain areas to accommodate the lead volume.’ This puts marketing firmly in a leadership position because we are now driving product development.”



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