Case Study: Dignity Health

Dignity Health has more than 60,000 caregivers and staff who deliver care to diverse communities in 21 states, with primary markets in California, Nevada, and Arizona. Headquartered in San Francisco, Dignity Health is the largest hospital provider in California.


The Need for Change

The recession of 2008 hit Dignity Health hard and by 2010, the healthcare system lost many millions in commercial volume. In order to succeed in their local geographies, Dignity Health decided to put more effort into growth strategies, placing marketing and sales “front and center” as a key element to the survival of the health system.

Dignity Health issued a request for proposal (RFP) for a claims-based analytics solution and account management system.


Why Dignity Health Chose Evariant?

Dignity Health chose Evariant’s Physician Market Solver because it addressed their five key requirements and stood out from the competition.

“There is no tool that is going to give you all of the answers, but the Evariant system helps us ask the right questions that get us to the right answers – it’s incredibly valuable and empowering for our organization,” concluded John Hall, Vice President of Corporate Sales at Dignity Health.

Working with the Chief Strategy Officers (CSOs) across the health system and the finance department, sales management set annual growth targets for the top five to seven key service lines identified by the service area’s hospitals. Quarterly and annual tracking and results reports are linked to each Market Development Representatives’ (MDR) goals and their compensation plan.


Return on Investment

“Our MDRs are well informed because of the true power of the Evariant system,” comments Hall. “Our MDRs can now speak with physicians at the procedure-level. In just one example, an MDR added $280K in contribution margin by adding five ventricular assist device (VAD) procedures at one of our facilities.”

After using Evariant for all of FY15, Dignity Health’s year-over-year incremental revenue contribution grew to $56M. Dignity Health was able to recoup the cost of their investment in less than one year.

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