Rachel Neely Talks Precision Marketing on Touch Point Podcast

healthcare marketing strategyRachel Neely, VP of Customer Success at Evariant, sat down with Reed Smith and Chris Boyer last week to discuss the evolving structure of the healthcare marketing team on an episode of Touch Point, a podcast on digital marketing and patient engagement strategies for hospitals, health systems, and physician practices. 

This episode focused on the new ways in which healthcare marketing teams must collaborate cross-functionally in order to achieve continued growth. Consumerism is rapidly making its way into the healthcare industry: Where marketing teams were traditionally considered a reactive cost center for the health system, they are now taking the reins on strategic campaign planning in order to deliver personalized, hyper-targeted messaging that reaches consumers at the right place in the patient journey.

All of these efforts are driven by data – and, of course, the right technology needs to be in place in order to access data, analyze it, and develop actionable insights. 

Rachel discusses her thoughts on the evolving healthcare marketing team structure, the maturation of HCRM technology, and her efforts in guiding health systems and hospitals to achieve a truly omnichannel patient experience. Her role, she explains, is at the intersection of digital marketing, technology, and data: 

“Why do we need data-driven marketing? It’s more than proving ROI. For us, it’s being able to help our clients use data to start to deliver more rich, personalized interactions. […] Every component of your campaign, down to that community ribbon-cutting ceremony, is going to be linked in a very thoughtful way to the next engagement.”

Ready to join the conversation on precision marketing? Listen to the Touch Point episode below. 

TP136 – The Evolving Marketing Department

With the rise of consumerism and the introduction of a whole suite of technology to support marketing efforts, it’s natural that healthcare marketing organizations must evolve. In this episode, hosts Chris Boyer and Reed Smith discuss the way hospitals and health systems are changing their marketing departments and how important the role of the digital technologist is within new digital teams. Rachel Neeley from Evariant joins us to talk about how precision marketing is also enabling organizations to focus their efforts on business results. 

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