The Next Generation Call Center Experience [Infographic]

In healthcare, a traditional call center experience can feel much like calling a cable company—detached, dull, frustrating. Personalized engagement is critical to the future of healthcare, but call center agents are often not given the tools to meet consumer expectations. Agents may be limited to a basic set of functions with minimal insights on patient journeys.

In order to succeed in today’s competitive landscape, providers must transform their call center into a strategic patient engagement engine. The infographic below highlights the enormous opportunity healthcare providers have to modernize their approach to the call centers. Those that embark on the transformation to the next generation call center—what we fondly call the Engagement Center—will see indisputable value in terms of extended patient lifetime value, high-value service line growth, and smarter patient acquisition and retention.

next generation call center [infographic]



Want to learn more about the benefits of a CRM-enabled Engagement Center? Watch the presentation:

Marti Van Veen

Marti Van Veen

Marti Van Veen is Vice President, Engagement Center & Practice Leader at Evariant. Previously, Marti was System Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Physicians Regional Healthcare System (CHS affiliates). Prior to her 5+ years with CHS, Marti was with HCA, serving in several roles over her 17 years with the organization.