60 Influential Healthcare Twitter Profiles to Follow

Due to today’s rapidly evolving healthcare environment, the traditional healthcare delivery model is changing from hospital- to patient-centric. Aside from the predicted healthcare trends, healthcare enterprises are increasingly leveraging healthcare big data, the Internet of Things, an increased telemedicine-mobile presence, and more in an effort to drive enhanced patient engagement.

So where can you go for the latest in healthcare industry news, trends, solutions, research, events, and discussions? Twitter is one solution. With roughly 236 million active registered users, Twitter can be an invaluable resource for discovering what healthcare industry analysts, experts, bloggers/writers, publications, advocates, and vendors are discussing.

The following is our list of the 60 most influential healthcare professional Twitter profiles to follow:

Greg Masters TwitterGregg Masters (@2healthguru):

“Digital media architect & producer: @ACOwatch @JustOncology @PublicHealthHQ @HIBCtv. This Week in Health Innovation | This Week in Accountable Care | Oncology”

Follow Gregg Masters at https://twitter.com/2healthguru


Adele Allison TwitterAdele Allison (@Adele_Allison):

“Business Solutions Executive and thought leader at DST Health Solutions. Passionate about healthcare legislation & policy, HIE, PCMH, ACOs, ICD10 & MU”

Follow Adele Allison at https://twitter.com/Adele_Allison


Brian Ahier Twitter

Brian Ahier (@ahier):

“Passionate about healthcare, technology and government 2.0”

Follow Brian Ahier at https://twitter.com/ahier


AMA TwitterAMA (@AmerMedicalAssn):

“American Medical Association: Promoting the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health.

Follow AMA at https://twitter.com/AmerMedicalAssn


Hospital Review Twitter

Hospital Review (@BeckersHR):

“Focused on healthcare business, clinical and legal news”

Follow Hospital Review at https://twitter.com/beckershr


Brad Justus TwitterBrad Justus (@Brad_Justus):

“The Most Connected Health Information Management Expert | ICD-10 Whisperer | 2014/15/16 HIMSS Social Media Ambassador”

Follow Brad Justus at https://twitter.com/Brad_Justus


Michelle Troseth TwitterMichelle Troseth (@CPMRCmichelle):

“Chief Professional Practice Officer @ Elsevier Clinical Solutions. Thought Leader in Practice & Informatics -passions include travel, wine, & golf”

Follow Michelle at https://twitter.com/MichelleTroseth


Dr. Pullen TwitterDr. Pullen (@DrEdPullen):

“Family Physician and medical blogger. Follow to see posts of general medical interest, on current events in healthcare, and for opinions and editorials.”

Follow Dr. Pullen at https://twitter.com/DrEdPullen


Leana Wen, MD TwitterLeana Wen, MD (@DrLeanaWen):

“#Baltimore City Health Commissioner@BMore_Healthy; proud to be an ER doctor and patient & community advocate”

Follow Leana Wen, MD at https://twitter.com/DrLeanaWen


Lyle Berkowitz TwitterLyle Berkowitz (@DrLyleMD):

“Physician, Change Agent, HIT Innovator, Entrepreneur”

Follow Lyle Berkowitz at https://twitter.com/DrLyleMD


Val Jones, MD TwitterVal Jones, MD (@drval):

“Medical Director of Admissions, St Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute. Founder of Better Health, LLC: Smart health commentary..”

Follow Drval at https://twitter.com/drval


Dave Walker TwitterDave Walker (@drwalker_rph):

“#pharmacist, consultant, founder @MedWhys, speaker, outreach specialist, #MTM, #adherence, social media evangelist geek learning to Twitter”

Follow Dave Walker at https://twitter.com/drwalker_rph


Ed Bennett TwitterEd Bennett (@EdBennett):

“Hospital / Healthcare web marketing, governance and technology graybeard.”

Follow Ed Bennett at https://twitter.com/EdBennett


eHealthcare Strategy TwittereHealthcare Strategy (@ehealtheditor): 

“For over 17 years we’ve helped hospitals, health systems and healthcare organizations cut through hype & improve the ROI of digital initiatives.

Follow eHealthcare at https://twitter.com/ehealtheditor


EMR, EHR and HIT TwitterEMR, EHR and HIT (@ehrandhit):

“Best feed of EMR, EHR and Healthcare IT related content”

Follow EMR, EHR and HIT at https://twitter.com/ehrandhit


Linda Stotsky TwitterLinda Stotsky (@emranswers):

Usability Analyst | Communications Firebrand | Healthcare Advisory Board Member | Speaker SMA

Follow Linda Stotsky at https://twitter.com/emranswers


Dave deBronkart TwitterDave deBronkart (@ePatientDave):

“International patient engagement activist, speaker, author of Let Patients Help: A Patient Engagement Handbook, blogger”

Follow Dave deBronkart at https://twitter.com/ePatientDave


FierceHealthIT TwitterFierceHealthIT (@FierceHealthIT):

“We deliver need-to-know news, insights and trends to healthcare executives, CIOs and IT managers l Subscribe to our free newsletter: bit.ly/1X7Whv4

Follow FierceHealthIT at https://twitter.com/FierceHealthIT


Fierce Health TwitterFierceHealth (@FierceHealth):

“We deliver need-to-know healthcare news, insights and trends for hospital CEOs and administrators. Subscribe to our newsletter: http://goo.gl/DxuCrW”

Follow FierceHealth at https://twitter.com/FierceHealth


Gabriel Perna TwitterGabriel Perna (@GabrielSPerna):

“Managing editor for Physicians Practice (@PhysiciansPract). Formerly, @HCInformatics. Living/working in CT. Husband. Dog dad. Boston sports fan. Opinions=my own”

Follow Gabriel Perna at https://twitter.com/GabrielSPerna


Debbie Gordon TwitterDebbie Gordon (@gordondeb):

“Empowering consumers in health care decision making to catalyze health system change. Health care CEO, 2013 Eisenhower Fellow (SG+AU)”

Follow Debbie Gordon at https://twitter.com/gordondeb


HC Informatics TwitterHC Informatics (@HCInformatics): 

“A #CIO-level pub specializing in issues of system selection, project management, enterprise integration, change management & budgeting. #Informatics”

Follow HC Informatics at https://twitter.com/HCInformatics


Health Data Mgmt TwitterHealth Data Mgmt (@HDMmagazine): 

“Health Data Management is reporting on the real-world challenges of health I.T. leaders and the shifting environment they work in.”

Follow HDM at https://twitter.com/HDMmagazine


Health Affairs TwitterHealth Affairs (@Health_Affairs):

“At the intersection of health, health care, and policy. Follows/Tweets/RTs ≠ endorsements.”

Follow Health Affairs at https://twitter.com/Health_Affairs


David E. Williams TwitterDavid E. Williams (@HealthBizBlog):

“Health care business consultant. President, Health Business Group. Author, Health Business Blog. Board member. Health care expert.”

Follow David Williams at https://twitter.com/HealthBizBlog


HealthMgtTech.com TwitterHealthMgtTech.com (@Healthmgttech):

“Health Management Technology. Magazine covering , featuring the latest news and insights. Read the October issue: tinyurl.com/j9572qn

Follow HealthMgtTech.com at https://twitter.com/healthmgttech


Jane Sarasohn-Kahn TwitterJane Sarasohn-Kahn (@healthythinker):

“Health economist, advisor, communicator, and trend weaver. Find me at http://janesarasohnkahn.com”

Follow Jane Sarasohn-Kahn at https://twitter.com/healthythinker



“Leading the best use of #healthIT to better #globalhealth. Updates from @MichaelGaspar (^MG) & @A_Burkey (^AB). RT ≠ Endorsement.”

Follow HIMSS at https://twitter.com/himss


HIStalk TwitterHIStalk (@histalk): 

“Cynical healthcare IT blowhard, in the HIT trenches by day, at a keyboard by night. Sign up for the latest healthcare IT updates: http://ow.ly/wqtkM”

Follow HIStalk at https://twitter.com/histalk


HealthITAnalytics TwitterHealthITAnalytics (@HITAnalytics):

“Real world news and tips for all involved in healthcare analytics. Part of Xtelligent Media”

Follow HealthITAnalytics at https://twitter.com/HITAnalytics


Healthcare IT News TwitterHealthcare IT News (@HITNewsTweet):

“#HealthIT trends, insights and commentary in delicious bite-sized morsels. Updates via @jsabbah ^JS”

Follow Healthcare IT News at https://twitter.com/HealthITNews


HIT Outcomes TwitterHIT Outcomes (@HIT_Outcomes):

“Health IT Outcomes delivers information on health IT trends and best practices and is updated by John Oncea ”

Follow HIT Outcomes at https://twitter.com/HITOutcomes


Janice McCallum TwitterJanice McCallum (@janicemccallum):

“business models for , , & . Independent board member. Social Media Ambassador.”


Follow Janice McCallum at https://twitter.com/janicemccallum


Dewey Mooring TwitterDewey Mooring (@JenningDewey):

“Dewey Mooring is Vice President at Jennings, a health care marketing firm. Views expressed are his own.”

Follow Dewey Mooring at https://twitter.com/JenningsDewey


John Moore TwitterJohn Moore (@john_chilmark):

“Healthcare IT analyst – founder Chilmark Research. Fanatic cyclist, skier, sea kayaker – happiest outdoors”

Follow John Moore at https://twitter.com/john_chilmark


Karen DeSalvo, MD TwitterKaren DeSalvo, MD (@KBDeSalvo):

“Dr. Karen DeSalvo, the Acting Assistant Secretary for Health in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is a physician who has focused her career toward improving access to affordable, high quality care for all people, and promoting overall health.”

Follow Karen DeSalvo at https://twitter.com/KBDeSalvo


Kevin Pho, MD TwitterKevin Pho, MD (@Kevin_MD):

“Physician, author, keynote speaker, USA TODAY’s Board of Contributors. Social media’s leading physician voice. http://KevinMD.com and http://KevinMD.com/blog/reputation”

Follow Kevin Pho, MD at https://twitter.com/kevinmd


Mandi Bishop TwitterMandi Bishop (@MandiBPro):

“Firebrand. Disrupting 140 characters at a time. Chief Evangelist @Aloha_Health. .

Follow Mandi Bishop at https://twitter.com/MandiBPro


Mark Graban TwitterMark Graban (@MarkGraban):

“Healthcare speaker, consultant, blogger, author of @LeanHospitals & @HCkaizen. VP of Customer Success @KaiNexus, board member of @BatzPatientSafe. #Lean”

Follow Mark Graban at https://twitter.com/MarkGraban


MedGadget TwitterMedGadget (@MedGadget):

“Medical Technology News”

Follow MedGadget at https://twitter.com/medgadget


MedTech Boston TwitterMedTech Boston (@MedTechBoston):

“Covering medical innovation and technology in Boston.”

Follow MedTech Boston at https://twitter.com/MedTechBoston


MM&M News TwitterMM&M News (@MMMnews):

“Medical Marketing & Media: the most objective, relevant and timely source of news, analysis and trends in pharmaceutical marketing”

Follow MM&M News at https://twitter.com/MMMnews


Modern Healthcare TwitterModern Healthcare (@ModrnHealthCR):

“Award-winning Healthcare Business News, Research and Opinion”

Follow Modern Healthcare at https://twitter.com/modrnhealthcr


ONC TwitterONC (@ONC_HealthIT):

“ONC’s mission is to improve health and health care for all Americans through use of information technology.”

Follow ONC at https://twitter.com/ONC_HealthIT


Rasu Shrestha, MD TwitterRasu Shrestha, MD, MBA (@RasuShrestha):

“Physician, Informatician, Pragmatic futurist. Chief #Innovation Officer. Driven by the pursuit of value-based intelligent healthcare. #HITsm #hcldr #hcsm”


Follow Rasu Shrestha, MD, MBA at https://twitter.com/RasuShrestha


Reed Smith TwitterReed Smith (@reedsmith):

“Digital Tech Consultant to Hospitals & Healthcare Orgs. Advisor @MayoClinic Social Media Network and @SXSWHealth & MedTech. @SocialHealthIns Founder”

Follow Reed Smith at https://twitter.com/reedsmith


Robert Szczerba TwitterRobert Szczerba (@RJSzczerba):

“Rocket Scientist Re-Engineering Healthcare, X Tech Ventures CEO, @NotreDame PhD, Sr. Fellow @LockheedMartin, @Forbes & @HuffPost Columnist, and Proud Autism Dad”

Follow Robert Szczerba at https://twitter.com/RJSzczerba


Scott Mace TwitterScott Mace (@ScottMace):

“Senior technology editor at @HealthLeaders. Chairman of the board, @CalConnect. http://maceonhealthcare.blogspot.com.”

Follow Scott Mace at https://twitter.com/scottmace


Shahid Shah TwitterShahid Shah (@ShahidNShah):

“Shahid Shah is a Gov 2.0 & Health Sciences Innovator / Speaker. Chair of #HealthIMPACT Forum, Co-Chair of http://HITMC.com”

Follow Shahid Shah at https://twitter.com/ShahidNShah


Steve Sisko TwitterSteve Sisko (@ShimCode):

“Healthcare Data, Technology & Services | Transparency, Consumerism, Medicare, Quality Measures, Product Mgmt | Research & Design | &

Follow Steve Sisko at https://twitter.com/ShimCode


Susan Hull TwitterSusan Hull (@SusanCHull):

“Nurse exec entrepreneur collaborating to re-imagine healthcare #SDoH neighborhood centric+technology enabled, #LearningHealthSystem, #TheWalkingGallery”

Follow Susan Hull at https://twitter.com/SusanCHull


Symplur TwitterSymplur (@symplur):

“Connecting the dots in healthcare social media. Creator of Symplur Signals. Curator of the Healthcare Hashtag Project. See also @healthhashtags”

Follow Symplur at https://twitter.com/symplur


Deane Waldman TwitterDeane Waldman (@systemMD):

“MD trying to heal healthcare through national dialogue. Avid cyclist and sci-fi aficionado”

Follow Deane Waldman at https://twitter.com/systemMD


The Healthcare Blog TwitterThe Healthcare Blog (@THCBstaff):

“Everything you wanted to know about the Health Care system. But were afraid to ask. Tweets are not medical advice. RTs = interest. editor@thehealthcareblog.com”

Follow The Healthcare Blog at https://twitter.com/thcbstaff


Michael Planchart TwitterMichael Planchart (@theEHRguy):

“Healthcare Technology Angel Investor, Visionary and Transformational Change Agent. Let’s make healthcare what it’s meant to be!”

Follow Michael Planchart at https://twitter.com/theEHRGuy


Brittney Wilson, BSN TwitterBrittney Wilson, BSN (@TheNerdyNurse):

“Award Winning Author & Blogger, International Keynote Speaker, Social Media Influencer, Clinical Informatics Nurse, & Product Manager. Patients, Nursing, & Tech”


Follow Brittney Wilson, BSN at https://twitter.com/TheNerdyNurse


Tim Tyrell-Smith TwitterTim Tyrell-Smith (@TimsStrategy):

“Marketing and business growth executive (VP, CMO, GM) in technology, healthcare and consumer products | blogger and author at Tim’s Strategy”

Follow Tim Tyrell-Smith at https://twitter.com/TimsStrategy


Charles Webster, MD TwitterCharles Webster, MD (@wareFLO):

workflow tech fan. Also planning for in February w/my lil buddy @MrRIMP!

Follow Charles Webster, MD at https://twitter.com/wareFLO


Steve Davis TwitterSteve Davis (@whatifwhynot):

“Creative & Curious Growth Hacker, Strategist, Entrepreneur, Drummer, Triathlete. #Healthcare, #Innovation, #Digital, #Tech, #Branding, #CRM, #Startups, #Vino.”

Follow Steve Davis at https://twitter.com/whatifwhynot


WSJ Health News TwitterWSJ Health News (@WSJHealth):

“Health, healthcare, biotech, new drugs & medicine coverage from The Wall Street Journal.”

Follow WSJ Health News at https://twitter.com/WSJhealth

The above list reflects a fraction of influential Twitter profiles in the healthcare industry. Who’s missing from our list? Who would you add to yours? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below or on our Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn pages.




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