Exploring the Potential of Streaming Analytics in Healthcare

Evariant CEO Bill Moschella recently sat down with Jim Ericson of Health Data Management to discuss streaming analytics in healthcare and why it’s so important to the industry.


In this video, Bill explains how:

  • Streaming analytics is the opposite of batch analytics. Instead of collecting and analyzing massive amounts of data at one time, streaming analytics enables you to pull information from each piece of data moving through the data warehouse in near real time. The end result is data can be consumed as it streams in, as opposed to consumed in large batches.
  • If health systems are able to collect the individual streams of data generated by IoT connected devices, they will be able to better connect with patients in real time. There may be 9 billion connected devices by 2020, many of them health devices from respiratory monitors to smartphones that will collect huge amounts of patient data.
  • Embedding analytics is one of the most important things to think about when building an analytics strategy. Embedding analytics means taking analytic insights and inserting them into the actual workflow of health systems. This way, the data insights become actionable.

Steaming analytics opens the opportunity for health systems to create actionable insights about the patient data, enabling personalized patient communication. When the healthcare industry is able to connect data analytics to their workflows, patient outcomes will improve and health organizations’ ROI increases.



Sherrie Mersdorf

Sherrie Mersdorf

Sherrie Mersdorf is the Vice President of Marketing at Evariant. As an experienced marketing leader, she brings deep knowledge and experience building marketing growth machines. This experience enables her to educate healthcare providers on how to find, guide and keep patients for life. Her main focus is creating integrated cross-channel marketing programs, testing new marketing approaches, and closing the loop and demonstrating marketing ROI through effectiveness measurement methodologies. Prior to joining Evariant, Sherrie lead marketing at NewBrand (acquired by Sprinklr) and Cvent (NYSE:CVT) where her team executed tens of thousands of campaigns a year. She has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management from the Pamplin School of Business at Virginia Tech.
Sherrie Mersdorf