Optimizing Engagement for Prediabetes Campaigns

diabetes prevention campaignNearly 86 million Americans have prediabetes, yet the majority are unaware. The good news is, healthcare marketing leaders have the tools to identify those at risk for prediabetes and implement proactive health strategies that put patients back in the driver’s seat and in control of their own health. Not to mention, a proactive strategy that focuses on targeted communication and optimized engagement can save the health system thousands downstream.

Want to learn more about identifying and marketing to high-risk, pre-diagnosis individuals? One of our recent presentations delves into how to successfully guide prediabetes leads through the funnel, create valuable, personalized content, and retain patients for life.

We’ll guide you through best practices for implementing a diabetes prevention campaign, including:

  • Utilizing Predictive Modeling: Healthcare marketers lower cost-per-acquisition (CPL), increase response, and improve ROI when they effectively use predictive models to identify and market to consumers and patients most at risk. Health, demographic, and lifestyle data are used to refine models that identify those who may potentially be at-risk for prediabetes.
  • Create Personalized Communication: Take advantage of marketing tools like healthcare CRM to create, orchestrate, and measure diabetes prevention campaigns. The communication should be tailor-made for individuals of similar ages, lifestyles, and demographics to improve engagement and results.
  • Implement a Multi-Channel Strategy: The care journey is never linear – individuals will engage on different channels depending on what stage of the funnel they’re in. The right technology (HCRM, Engagement Center and marketing automation) coupled with the right data is key to ensuring patients have a consistent, holistic experience whether they’re reaching out through a patient portal or calling the office.

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