Debunking 10 Common Digital Marketing Myths in Healthcare [Infographic]

Today’s consumer is more proactive about their health. With a wealth of information available anytime, consumers and patients take advantage of online resources both during initial research and ongoing care — researching health systems and services, reading physician reviews, and participating in online forums. This isn’t surprising, considering that 89% of consumers turn to a search engine to answer health questions.

To reach today’s healthcare customer, personalization and channel placement are key; in other words, you want to meet them where they are. But mastering precision marketing requires top-notch digital campaign strategy.

Do you know fact from fiction when it comes to digital marketing? This infographic debunks 10 common myths in healthcare digital marketing to help you optimize your digital strategy to reach today’s consumer and grow ROI.


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For more information on mastering precision marketing, we recommend checking out our guide, 20 Ways to Beat Competitors with Digital Campaigns, which breaks down the top campaign best practices for patient acquisition and engagement.

20 ways to beat competitors with digital cmpaigns



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