Infographic: 6 Steps to Get Data Ready to Identify Volume and Referral Patterns

In today’s hyper-competitive healthcare landscape, hospitals and health systems must find ways to drive patient volumes, increase physician referrals, and enhance the patient experience – or risk losing patients to the competition.

To achieve both physician alignment and optimize patient care, healthcare organizations need to have a view into physician activity and referrals, as understanding physician behavior provides the basis for more meaningful dialogue with physicians.

However, having access to physician data is simply not enough, especially with claims data coming from multiple clearinghouses that deliver it in inconsistent formats. Health systems can analyze this data through physician relationship management software with embedded market intelligence to determine physician activities.

Check out our infographic below to learn the 6 steps to get data “analysis-ready” in order to manage it within one common structure:


While data is not the entire answer, it provides directional insight that can serve as the basis for a liaison to ask the right questions of the physician to get a better idea of how they practice and refer.

Modernizing Physician Alignment Strategies


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Emilio Ruocco

Emilio Ruocco

Emilio serves as Evariant’s Vice President, Physician Practice leader, ensuring the company’s Healthcare CRM/PRM, business intelligence and marketing solutions deliver maximum strategic value to clients; with particular emphasis on physician market analytics and business development. Prior to joining Evariant, Emilio was Senior Director, Performance Technologies at The Advisory Board Company, helping hospitals yield operational insight from internal systems and external data sets. He has also served as Leader of Customer Value and Insights at Healthways, a leading disease management and wellness firm; and Vice President, Strategic Communications for pharmacy benefits management company CaremarkRx, prior to its merger with CVS Pharmacy. Before entering the healthcare sector, Emilio held business development, investor relations and communications leadership roles for several public companies in a variety of industries.
Emilio Ruocco