Critical Initiatives for Digital Transformation in Healthcare

The digital transformation in healthcare relies on the restructuring of internal teams, adoption of new technology, expansion of market opportunities, and a focus on the customer journey. Health systems that have successfully executed a digital transformation have focused on a crawl-walk-run approach, by delivering short-term deliverables in combination with long-term initiatives.

These big initiatives, such as implementing a healthcare CRM, will ultimately help health systems improve the patient experience and identify new market opportunities.

Supporting Initiatives for Marketing Transformation

  • Implementing a CRM system: A comprehensive CRM engine should aggregate data from a variety of sources, including patients, physicians, call centers, and more. This system can help health systems manage and nurture inquiries, prospects, and leads on the patient side. On the physician side, it can help manage referrals and post-care communication. For digital transformations, insights from a CRM engine are critical as they help health systems communicate more effectively with prospects and patients to engage them in their own care.
  • Going to market with campaigns: Digital campaigns should be launched immediately after getting buy-in from the health system’s C-suite. With insights from a CRM system, marketers can personalize digital campaign messaging and maximize success for target audiences. Going to market right away is important to the transformation process because marketers can start bringing in leads, see how the campaign performs in near real time, and then optimize for success. It’s important to note that these campaigns don’t have to be perfect since digital campaigns can be constantly tweaked to meet business goals such as lead generation.

Establishing a foundation with these two critical initiatives will allow health systems to accomplish other big initiatives, like optimizing their agency environment and aligning marketing with physician teams. Having the right technology, team, and strategy in place is an important first step to making the shift from Cost Center to Revenue Generating Department.

Transforming Your Marketing Organization

Sherrie Mersdorf

Sherrie Mersdorf

Sherrie Mersdorf is the Vice President of Marketing at Evariant. As an experienced marketing leader, she brings deep knowledge and experience building marketing growth machines. This experience enables her to educate healthcare providers on how to find, guide and keep patients for life. Her main focus is creating integrated cross-channel marketing programs, testing new marketing approaches, and closing the loop and demonstrating marketing ROI through effectiveness measurement methodologies. Prior to joining Evariant, Sherrie lead marketing at NewBrand (acquired by Sprinklr) and Cvent (NYSE:CVT) where her team executed tens of thousands of campaigns a year. She has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management from the Pamplin School of Business at Virginia Tech.
Sherrie Mersdorf