Create a Highly Engaged Provider Engine that Addresses the Challenging Healthcare Referral Environment [Infographic]

Across the healthcare industry, it is generally agreed that in-network care coordination is important. However, with 19.7 million clinically inappropriate network referrals occurring each year, contradictions in referral behavior remain a concern. Further, even clinically appropriate referrals can be directed out-of-network for a variety of reasons. Healthcare leaders are aware of the problem, in fact, 87% of healthcare executives say patient leakage is extremely or very important to their organization. There’s still plenty of room for improvement.

Strong physician relationships, supported by successful physician relationship outreach efforts and campaigns, can help keep patients within a network for better care coordination, and keep significant revenue within the hospital or health system. The infographic below pinpoints shortcomings of the current healthcare referral system and highlights opportunities to solve these obstacles. With actionable intelligence and a PRM, physician liaisons become catalysts for increased practice exposure, improved network utilization, enhanced provider satisfaction, and both revenue retention and growth.

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Want to learn more about the benefits of optimizing outreach with a PRM system? Watch the presentation:

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Emilio Ruocco

Emilio Ruocco

Emilio serves as Evariant’s Vice President, Physician Practice leader, ensuring the company’s Healthcare CRM/PRM, business intelligence and marketing solutions deliver maximum strategic value to clients; with particular emphasis on physician market analytics and business development. Prior to joining Evariant, Emilio was Senior Director, Performance Technologies at The Advisory Board Company, helping hospitals yield operational insight from internal systems and external data sets. He has also served as Leader of Customer Value and Insights at Healthways, a leading disease management and wellness firm; and Vice President, Strategic Communications for pharmacy benefits management company CaremarkRx, prior to its merger with CVS Pharmacy. Before entering the healthcare sector, Emilio held business development, investor relations and communications leadership roles for several public companies in a variety of industries.
Emilio Ruocco