Webinar Q&A – Bridge the Gap Between Marketing + Call Center to Achieve Richer Patient Engagement

Consumers are engaging with providers and health systems in new ways, and they expect great healthcare experiences just like they expect great experiences with other brands. Health systems must take every opportunity to capitalize on every patient and consumer interaction — from the first inquiry to actively supporting proactive health, ongoing care, and recovery.

We explored this topic during a recent webinar, Bridging the Gap between Marketing + Call Center to Achieve Richer Patient Engagement. Speaker Gary Druckenmiller, Jr., Vice President, Marketing Practice Lead at Evariant, shared how bringing the call center and marketing together can attract, retain, and improve relationships with patients.

To the consumer, there should be no difference in the interactions regardless of how they originate. This requires call center agents to have the right 360° view of the caller at their fingertips to understand how they’ve previously interacted with the health system – including marketing campaigns they’ve seen. In doing so, health systems can create remarkable, memorable, and rich interactions with patients to enhance the experience and make patients feel like their systems are “walking right alongside them.”

In case you missed the webinar, here’s a quick summary of the key takeaways, along with audience questions:

Are there engagement center routing systems or programs that you recommend to create more personalized phone call experiences?

Yes. There are many. You have two options – to outsource your call center entirely, complete with staff, or to have a call center in-house. For the in-house option, look to partner with companies like Evariant. The Evariant Engagement Centeris built on Salesforce Healthcloud® so clients have best in bred technology specifically tailored for the needs of the health system.

With an Engagement Center Solution in-house, your call center agents will have the right information at their fingertips – all the patient, consumer, or provide data is centralized in a single engagement hub. With this, your agents can easily respond to inquiries across multiple channels, improving the overall engagement experience.

What resources internally and externally are needed when uniting these two channels?

The function of the marketing department in health systems is undergoing a major transformation. To effectively bring together your healthcare CRM and call center, you will need a CRM project lead and a contact center project lead. These individuals will act as program managers and serve as liaisons between the two departments. From data integration to project and procedure flows – these individuals will own the entire process.

You also want to build a relationship with your contact center and marketing directors to provide the right context and scripting for your contact center representatives to respond to marketing messages. Finally, you need a data specialist(s) who understand the data on both sides, marketing and call center. The specialist(s) will synchronize data between both the marketing and call center universes to ensure that there is no fragmentation of data flowing between the two departments.

Patient Journey Call Center Marketing

What is a timeline to integrate my call center and marketing?

There are several factors that must be assessed before providing a timeline for the integration. The first question to consider is where your organization is on the maturity model and what you are seeking to accomplish? Do you currently have a CRM? Do you have an existing call center? Does your call center currently integrate with other departments to share information? What functions does your call center offer and what is the skill set of the agents? What are the current processes for the interaction between your marketing department and your call center, if any?

This assessment will guide your next steps. The timeline for implementation varies depending on whether your organization is starting anew with limited functionality and processes or whether you are further along the maturity model and are looking to streamline or add functionality.

Is this something that Evariant can help with?

Absolutely. Pairing the Evariant Engagement Center with the Evariant Marketing Solution not only yields greater engagement and loyalty but also ensures best possible downstream ROI. In a recent eBook, we talk about how to transform your call center into an Engagement Center and bring in your marketing to deliver the robust, personalized support capabilities today’s patients and consumers expect, and the current healthcare marketing environment demands.

I also want to highlight our newest partner, Envera Health. Envera Health offers end-to-end engagement services to healthcare systems to drive both improved clinical and financial performance. Custom workflows are delivered through a full-service call center and designed to optimize connectivity between physicians and patients, creating a “new front door” to streamline care.

Finally, we understand that technology is not a silver bullet. Many of our clients look to us to provide expertise beyond just the technology implementation. Our premium consulting services help health systems tackle complex marketing challenges and navigate the change management process throughout their transformation and patient engagement journey. Gary heads up the Healthcare Marketing & Operations consulting practice and can provide comprehensive service packages that include patient journey mapping, maturity model development, service line strategy, physician outreach, and automation workflows.

Final Thoughts

Healthcare CRM systems enable health systems to track all patient interactions in one place, and communicate with patients how they WANT to be communicated to – the appropriate channels, at the right times, and the best frequency. By bringing together CRM and call center efforts, patients become the center of the interactions with their health systems, while the health system benefits from improved growth, access, and care coordination.

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Evariant provides a leading healthcare CRM solution suite designed to help health systems transform the healthcare experience for their consumers, patients, and physicians. Built on the Salesforce Platform, our solutions foster richer consumer/patient engagement and tighter physician alignment. Powered by cutting-edge data and analytics, Evariant enables health systems to effectively communicate care options that increase revenue and market share, while optimizing network utilization. Many of the top health systems have selected Evariant to thrive in today’s hyper-competitive and rapidly changing environment.