7 Best Practices for Email Nurturing Programs

Nurturing via email is a practice that gathers qualified leads from an already engaged pool of consumers with the expectation of moving them further down the decision-making funnel. Nurturing can also be used as a tool to educate and strengthen your brand in the community, solidifying your position as a trusted health partner.

How to Approach Building Your Nurturing Program

There are several best practices for designing and implementing a successful lead nurturing program and the decision to execute a nurturing program should be a part of your overall campaign strategy development. Nurturing programs are essential for campaigns with multiple calls-to-action.

All nurturing journeys begin with the initial interaction stemming from a soft call to action. Softer call-to-action leads that are not nurtured may stay in your funnel without getting the proper attention or follow up communication, creating an ineffective consumer experience. Having a proper strategy around nurturing will also prevent unwanted emails that your already engaged lead does not want or will unsubscribe from receiving.

Here are some best practices to consider as you develop your nurturing program. These practices will keep your already engaged consumer stay informed, educated and move them further towards conversion.

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Nurturing Program Best Practices

1. Plan the flow of the nurturing program – The plan should provide an outline or flow of what’s to come in future emails. It should also include a strategy of how to get your lead to the next level or deeper down decision-making funnel. The 1st email in your journey should contain a relevant message from the service line.

2. Set a goal for your nurturing program – What role does lead nurturing play in the overall campaign strategy or program objective? The goals could include 1 or 2 of the following: engagement, conversion, promotional or educational opportunity. While you may plan for your nurturing program to be a conversion mechanism, historically, nurturing emails don’t have a high conversion rate. However, implemented the correct way and it will elevate your brand, drive awareness and increase your conversion rate.

3. Create a personalized experience – Use this nurturing opportunity to create or build a relationship with your lead. Analyze the data from the initial leads and gather learnings about the consumers that interacted or converted on the soft call-to-action. Use these insights to inform the nurturing journey. Review demographic data, engagement metrics and other behavior events to identify key areas for improving the user experience.

4. Content that is clear, concise and to the point – Stay away from generic content, tailor the content towards the type of consumer that engaged with the soft lead. Experiment with variation in content by A/B testing, how you present your messaging, and gauge interaction. Finally, use popular blog posts, videos, personalities and infographics to drive engagement.

5. Tracking – It’s essential to know which email in your journey is converting or bringing leads further down the funnel. Each email should be tagged with the appropriate parameters for tracking and optimization. Also add tracking parameters to any links within the email to gain further insight into user flow and interest.

6. Timing – Your nurturing program should follow a pre-determined cadence, be mindful of frequency. Too frequent and emails can become bothersome, and too infrequent and you could lose out on the potential conversion. Inherently, the cadence should be in line with your goals and content.

7. Measure, evaluate and optimize – Finally, evaluate your program to ensure you are meeting your goals. Measure the success of the program against your goals and make changes as needed while the campaign is still in flight.

Final Thoughts

In today’s healthcare space, consumers are more engaged and providing a great user experience is essential for any brand. That means creating a user flow experience that not only engages the user with a soft call to action but completes the flow with a strong engaging nurturing program. All multi call-to-action campaign strategies should include a carefully considered nurturing program otherwise, you are missing an opportunity to drive brand awareness or increase your overall clinical conversion rate.

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Dian Wright-Pena

Dian Wright-Pena

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