Physician Engagement with Physician Relationship Management

A data-driven, end to end physician management platform empowering hospitals to increase revenue from their physician network.

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Marketing Solution




Optimize Outreach Activities

Leverage Actionable Data from Claims Analytics

Evariant’s Physician Relationship Management solution integrates seamlessly with the Physician Market Solver allowing hospitals to make better decisions based on claims data and physician volume and loyalty

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PRM Go! Mobile App: Access Information Anywhere

PRM Go! Is an extension of the Evariant PRM Platform. Increase productivity with the PRM Go! App. An easy to use intuitive interface supports field activities and reduces in-office times. Quickly record information and schedule follow-ups in the field.

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Report on Performance

Track all of your outreach activities easily and automatically through detailed reporting. Ensure needs are met, communication is open, timely adjustments are made, and your strategic physicians are getting the attention they need.

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