Physician Engagement

Optimize your physician network by integrating business intelligence.

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What You Can Do With Evariant’s Physician Market Solver:



Understand Your Network’s Providers

Utilizing Evariant’s referral algorithms, hospitals can understand patient and physician referral activity and attribute revenue from a single source. With this data, fully understand what is happening in your network in terms of physician volume and loyalty.
Translate that insight into action by scoring physicians based on service line and referral volume, and then identify trends for each.

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Master Physician Directory

Physician Market Solver can also include a master physician directory feed where details on physicians, practice/groups, locations, specialties and other important data elements can be automatically inserted and updated monthly. Data can then be used either within the Evariant Platform or exported to other systems at manual or automatic set intervals.

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Monetize Your Network with Volume and Loyalty

Begin to understand your physician network by seeing the volume of referrals received from other physicians or practices so you can determine the strength of a provider in your network. Physician Market Solver assigns a rating to each physician in your market. These scores are updated monthly based on the most current physician referral activities

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Data Visualizations

Leverage Evariant's best-in-class visualization tools to identify key performance indicators. Examples include trends like the physician-to-physician referral chain, an individual physician or group practice on your service line, payer mix by service line or individual physician, and revenue contribution.