Patient and
Consumer Marketing

The only enterprise, multi-channel healthcare marketing solution platform designed to drive targeted, service-line growth with attributable Return on Investment

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What You Can Do With Evariant?

  • Strategically plan your patient marketing campaigns using actionable data insights

  • Effectively target key segments for optimized campaign results

  • Utilize configurable reporting on campaign metrics for continuous improvement

  • Collaborate with team members to ensure coordinated effort and consistency

  • Build and deploy multichannel tactics including email, direct mail, SMS, and social

  • Integrate CRM
    and web analytics

Expand Your Patient Marketing Reach

Build and deploy multichannel tactics including email, direct mail, social and SMS. Tag and track all of your digital assets to ensure your display ads, SEM, SEO and web analytics synch with your campaign data. Execute your own campaigns or utilize Evariant’s leading experts with the latest digital techniques.

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Complete Patient
Engagement Cycle

Link your marketing inquiries to the correct records, to build a more robust responder profile. Use workflow and approval triggers to automate follow-up with service line operations to ensure the greatest return on your marketing investment.

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Analyze Campaign Performance

Easily build, design and execute campaigns, analyze performance with key stakeholders, and report on campaign statistics.

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Attribute Marketing to Clinical and Financial Outcomes

Build rules and logic so encounters are associated to campaigns while allowing for exclusions for current market share, specific procedures and/or case mix/weighted value. Once set, attribution can run automatically for every campaign.
Drill down to learn more using pre-formatted dashboards and reports to true insights.

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