Patient Acquisition and Engagement

Actionable data to understand your patients, pinpoint your target audiences for marketing campaigns and develop effective education and wellness programs.

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Patient Market Solver
Achieve Greater Campaign Success

  • Make informed decisions based on actionable healthcare data

  • Promote better care through the appropriate channels

  • Leverage predictive analytics to target the right audience

  • Track performance to goals at the frequency that meets your business needs

Critical Insights to Connected Data


Acquire new patients & increase loyalty.

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Identify Most Likely Patients

Evariant’s predictive modeling allows healthcare marketers to identify and target patients who are most likely to respond to a marketing campaign, understand historic trends and identify metrics for success.

Intelligently answer questions like:

  • Who is the best target for this campaign
  • Which campaigns have historically brought us positive Return On Investment
  • What are the metrics used to define success?

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Business Intelligence Delivered

With our Business Intelligence tools, you can quickly and visually analyze and segment large amounts of patient and non-patient data to create actionable, go-to-market plans, in a variety of formats.

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