Patient Marketing Solutions

The Evariant Patient Marketing solution offers users an enterprise platform to drive targeted, service line growth with reportable ROI.

The platform utilizes comprehensive Business Intelligence tools and in-depth analytics to produce effective campaigns for patient and consumer engagement with measurable results.

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Patient Acquisition and Engagement

Evariant’s Patient Market Solver generates actionable data to understand your patient and consumer population, pinpoint a hospital’s target audience for marketing campaigns, and develop effective education and wellness programs. Evariant’s Patient Market Solver employs advanced Business Intelligence tools allowing users to visually analyze and segment large amounts of patient and consumer data and create actionable, go-to-market plans.

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Patient and Consumer Marketing

The Evariant Patient Marketing solution is the only enterprise multi-channel healthcare platform designed to drive targeted, service line growth with attributable Return on Investment. Strategically plan and execute marketing campaigns, target key segments, and generate configurable reports to evaluate and improve results.

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Engagement Center

The Evariant Engagement Center solution transforms the healthcare call center into a strategic engagement platform. Enable call center agents to deliver on-the-fly, highly personalized patient experiences that lead to smarter patient engagement, increased patient acquisition and retention, and optimized growth.

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