Engagement Center

Empower healthcare call center agents to deliver highly-personalized customer experiences, thereby driving growth in patient acquisition, engagement, and retention.

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What can you do with the Evariant Engagement Center?

  • Physician & Facility

  • Class & Event

  • Inbound & Outbound Marketing Campaign Inquiry Management

  • Appointment Scheduling Management

  • Complaint & Compliment Management

  • Outbound Reminded Care & Post Discharge Calls

Fully Engage with Comprehensive Caller Profiles

The Evariant Engagement Center puts the right information at the fingertips of call center agents. The healthcare CRM-enabled “engagement hub” centralizes all patient, consumer, and provider data alongside past inquiries and call center activities – including class and event registrations, campaign inquiries, provider referrals, and appointment scheduling requests. With this information, agents are empowered to address customer inquiries across multiple channels, thus improving the overall engagement experience.

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Shift to Proactive Population Health Management

Traditional healthcare call centers operate in silos, where agents are reactionary and do not have the tools to view detailed information about the caller. The Evariant Engagement Center taps into opportunities to deliver relevant and personalized content, and enables agents to proactively connect with target groups of individuals across the risk spectrum and care continuum. The Engagement Center is powered by the Evariant healthcare CRM solution (HCRM) to deliver a 360-degree robust caller profile for the call center agent.

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Quick Follow up with Marketing Automation Integration

Leveraging a seamless integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, call center agents can quickly respond to requests and send follow-up communications. Delivering tailored and personalized messages to your consumers and patients, allowing real-time interactions with your content, can boost engagement levels and increase patient loyalty.

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Measure Results and Track ROI

With access to a complete caller profile, healthcare call center agents can close the loop on marketing activities and engage in more meaningful interactions with each individual. By uniting inbound and outbound campaigns with informed interactions, you can simplify the attribution of clinical and financial outcomes to campaign initiatives. Pairing the Evariant Engagement Center with the Evariant HCRM not only yields greater engagement and loyalty but also ensures best possible downstream ROI.

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