Campaign Center Services

Make smarter media investments and deliver measurable results. Leverage the Evariant Patient Solutions and an expert team to create better patient and provider outcomes. Evariant has partnered with many of the leading hospital networks with outstanding results.

It Starts with Data

We use a variety of first, second and third party data from web tracking, propensity data, prior campaign results, and other data sets to ensure you are addressing the right universe of healthcare consumers. When combined with Evariant’s Healthcare Analytics Platform, the Business Intelligence insights drive even more impactful campaigns.

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Programmatic Buying and Real-Time Bidding

Programmatic & Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technologies and our digital media expertise deliver performance, not just reach and frequency. When paired with audience targeting, your digital investment is optimized.

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Media Optimization

Audience’s behavior changes during campaigns, and so must the tactics. Our methodologies incorporate the instant feedback mechanisms required to ensure your campaign evolves and continues to reach your intended audience.

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Achieve ROI

Campaign Center and Services provide granular measurements that help you attribute specific results and measure the impact of your digital marketing campaigns. Turn marketing into a revenue and profit center.

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Our Experience Equals Success

Our team of specialists has years of campaign and marketing experience. We understand the nuances of healthcare provider markets and have the data to deliver a high return on your investment — quickly. Ask us for examples of clients who have achieved, and even exceeded, their goals.


Want to Learn More?

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