Futurescan Strategic Planning Tool Released



By: Andis Robeznieks

The 2017 edition of the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development’s annual assessment — called the Futurescan 2017-2022 Healthcare Trends and Implications — identifies “the Building Blocks of Transformation” that will drive health care change between 2017 and 2022. Read more

The Business Case for Social Media in Health Care



By: Savanna Myer

Historically, reaching patients and consumers within the healthcare industry to provide them with information about diseases, hospital services, and treatment has been a task for the marketing department. Traditional methods of reaching these consumers have included offline channels such as billboards, making it difficult to measure marketing ROI. Today’s consumers are staying connected to the world around them by seeking and receiving their information, and through social media, they are connected 24/7. Read more

Why EHR Systems Are Not Enough to Fill the Patient Engagement Gap




By: Rob Grant

In today’s healthcare industry, patient engagement is critical for hospitals and health systems to acquire and retain patients to stay competitive, drive revenue, and improve profitability. In 2015, it has been reported that 96% of hospitals have electronic health record (EHR) systems. Naturally, after such massive investments in this technology, hospitals and health systems have looked hopefully to their EHR systems and related patient portals to drive patient engagement. Read more

DataRobot Delivers an ML Automation Boost for Evariant




By: Alex Woodie

Companies in all industries face an acute shortage of data scientists, those digital alchemists who turn raw data into gold. But for the healthcare software company Evariant, the decision to use DataRobot to automate its machine learning operations was a force multiplier for its data science team. Read more

6 experts share healthcare RCM predictions for 2017




December 07, 2016

by Kelly Gooch

Hospitals and health systems will face a number of revenue cycle management challenges next year as the healthcare industry continues the shift from fee-for-service to value-based care and an increasing number of patients enroll in high-deductible health plans.

Here, six experts share their RCM predictions for 2017. Read more