Case Study: Wake Forest Baptist Health

Located in North Carolina, Wake Forest Baptist Health is an integrated healthcare system operating 1,000+ acute care, rehabilitation and psychiatric care beds, outpatient services, and community health and information centers. Targeting markets in western North Carolina and southern Virginia, the center has over 1,200 faculty at its school of medicine and a workforce of over 12,500.


Need to Transform

“We were experiencing increasing competition,” remarks Jeff House, Assistant Vice President at Wake Forest Baptist Health, “and it was time to develop an arsenal of new tactics to support the center’s growth goals without increasing our budget.”

House knew digital campaigns were the only way to drive more leads and reduce the cost per acquisition. House explains, “Consumers are looking online for health services, which means there are more ways to interact with the consumer. We had to develop a strategy with a more targeted approach that integrates traditional and digital marketing and considers the behavior of online consumers.”


Getting Started with the First Campaign

“The Evariant team asked us questions about our plans long before we thought about it. They coached us on how to evaluate a CRM system and how to plan campaigns. Right up front, they asked us questions like:

  • What is the objective of each campaign—responses, leads, appointments?
  • How many appointments, patients, etc., do you want?
  • What service line will you choose for your first campaign and why?”

House continues, “Just hearing these questions, I knew Evariant was the right partner for us. We worked with their team to answer these questions, and then they worked with us to set real expectations to discuss with the service lines.”

Wake Forest Baptist Health tracks ten key digital metrics including impressions, clicks, conversions by marketing channel, demographics, time of day and week, and deployment-type attributes.

“It was just as much about the quality of leads as the quantity, and Evariant helped us set expectations about how many and the types of leads before we even launched the campaigns.”


The Bottom Line

In the first five months of running their digital marketing campaign, Wake Forest Baptist Health generated 686 leads for Orthopedics.

The orthopedic campaign’s success created quite the buzz across the health system and unlike marketing’s experience in the past, administration and the service lines were demanding more digital campaigns.

“The success of our first campaign proved that digital marketing works. It produces fast, tangible results. Now both physicians and administration perceive the marketing team as a strategic player in the organization—no longer just a back-office operation. My team and I are now working with administration to reallocate more budget to digital marketing and get more campaigns up and running fast!” –Jeff House

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