Short-Term Wins, Long-Term Strategy: CRM at Boston Children’s Hospital



By Jane Weber Brubaker

Managing change is hard, even for innovative organizations like Boston Children’s Hospital. “That’s something I hear in all the businesses I’ve worked with, from GE to Cigna to here,” says William Gagnon, senior director of global digital strategy and customer engagement at Boston Children’s.

Change is risky, and healthcare organizations are risk-averse for a good reason: People’s lives are at stake. But resisting change has its own set of perils. Even if you’re ranked #1 like Boston Children’s, if your competitors out-innovate you and start solving stakeholder pain points, you could be left behind. So how do healthcare organizations overcome resistance and embrace meaningful change? More

Niche ‘health-tech’ sector seeks to become CT hub



By: Patricia Daddona

When Farmington-based Diameter Health’s software was combing through a health system’s electronic medical records recently, it found that the hospital incorrectly labeled penicillin as pain medicine.

It’s not known if any patient was affected by the coding error, but incorrectly identifying medication is not just a critical patient safety hazard, says Diameter Health co-founder and CEO Eric Rosow, it’s an example of the “dirty” — incorrect or inconsistent — information that pervades the records of health systems and insurers. Those electronic records are in desperate need of cleaning up, Rosow says, not only to improve quality of care but to enable efficient patient-care management. Read more

Digging Deep for Revenue



By Susan Chapman

A myriad of factors stand in the way of health care organizations using data analytics to boost reimbursement.

As hospitals transition to a value-based reimbursement model, data analytics may play a leading role. However, with an overwhelming wealth of information being generated each day, key decisions must be made to ensure the captured data are truly of benefit. Read more

New CEO for Farmington healthcare IT provider



By: John Stearns

Farmington health software provider Evariant announced that it has named Clay Ritchey its new CEO.

William Moschella, Evariant’s co-founder and former CEO for the past nine years, will remain on the company’s board of directors and senior leadership team.

“Clay’s addition to the team will free up my time to focus on what I’m most passionate about: innovating with customers and working with our partners,” Moschella said in a statement. Read more

Evariant Appoints Clay Ritchey as New CEO

Evariant, the leading healthcare CRM data analytics platform, today announced that it has appointed Clay Ritchey as Chief Executive Officer effective March 20. William Moschella, Evariant’s co-founder and former CEO, will remain on the company’s board of directors and senior leadership team.

“This marks an important milestone for Evariant as we continue rapid growth and customer expansion,” said Moschella. “Clay shares my passion for enabling customer success and growth in the healthcare market and is the right person to lead Evariant through the next stage of hyper growth.” More