The Importance of Digital Campaign Audits

What is a Digital Campaign Audit?

A digital campaign audit can best be described as a process of examining the features, functionalities, activities, and processes involved in the overall performance of your digital campaign. Auditing your campaigns allows you to take a deeper look under the hood, so to speak. Conducting an audit on your campaigns is an easy way to ensure that your campaigns are performing to optimal potential.

Traditional campaign audits tend to focus on the front end of a campaign – mainly assets, creatives, landing pages, and traffic behavior. With a Digital Campaign Audit, the analysis is taken one step further to ensure all necessary creatives, user flow, and data gathered from web forms are collected, securely stored, and utilized within the healthcare CRM platform. The underlying goal is to improve the return on marketing investment (ROMI) by ensuring proper utilization and interpretation of the data.

When Should You Perform a Campaign Audit?

A campaign audit is recommended after you’ve completed phase 1 (or any current phase) of a campaign.  Using the data from your initial phase will help you to analyze insights on your actual audience, top performing asset, as well as evaluate the performance of your web property through analytics data.  Utilizing “starting data” will give you a baseline and a benchmark to work against in future phases.  You’ll also decide if “testing” of certain features or functionalities will enhance campaign performance, helping to create a plan of action in the process. At the end of the day, an audit should provide insights on how to optimize a campaign to improve your return on your marketing investment in the most efficient and effective way possible.


Dian Wright-Pena

Dian Wright-Pena

Dian Wright-Pena is Manager, Campaign Center Operations, has been a part of the Evariant family for over 6 years. Dian works with Evariant Campaign Center clients to understand existing marketing processes that are used to drive goals and objectives, offers best practices and high-level consultative services to drive renewals. She is also responsible for Campaign Center forecasting for revenue goals and bookings. She leads a team of campaign managers and associates who are responsible for managing and successfully launching all client digital campaigns.
Dian Wright-Pena

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