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In recent years, the healthcare industry has undergone tectonic shifts in policy, innovation, care delivery, and cost reduction – changes that have paved the way for a more patient-centric approach to care. In fact, research shows physicians and consumers are ready to embrace a dramatic expansion of do-it-yourself healthcare in 2015, with digital innovations such as wearable tech, smartphone-linked devices and mobile apps increasingly coming into the fold.

As this $2.8 trillion dollar industry continues to evolve, the focus will become even more consumer-driven, forcing providers, payers, and life sciences organizations to adapt and perform in the new world of healthcare. These organizations are challenged not only by increased competition and changing regulation, but also by a general reshaping for how care is delivered and how it is valued. Indeed, this fundamental change to the healthcare landscape demands a proactive approach to healthcare that is more efficient, effective, and personal.

Enter Evariant, a robust healthcare CRM platform based on a centralized data hub, analytics, and communications engine, capable of identifying, executing, and measuring all types of engagement initiatives. Evariant brings the future of healthcare to life by continuously innovating our CRM solution to help customers realize their transformation and create richer engagement with key constituents. The end result? Healthcare leaders who can better understand their patient, physician, and employer markets to make informed strategic decisions that lead to improved health overall.

We’re excited to officially launch the Evariant Ask Eva blog to showcase our deep and unwavering commitment to proactive healthcare. Why Ask Eva? Complexity, big data, and transformation make healthcare leadership feel smart, but challenges their ability to find a quick answer. With Evariant, you now have someone to ask. Eva comes from the first three letters of our name, is a proxy for our robust platform, and helps our customers to solve their biggest challenges.

To keep pace with this dynamic, shifting landscape, we’ll provide fresh insights and perspective on topics ranging from healthcare data to patient engagement and physician management to healthcare marketing.

We look forward to sharing Evariant’s vision for future of healthcare!


Bill Moschella

Bill Moschella

Bill Moschella is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Evariant, Inc., a company that provides a SaaS healthcare CRM and big data platform to healthcare providers. He has used his leadership and entrepreneurial skills to build Evariant into a dominant healthcare market leader by helping these organizations execute successful patient and physician engagement strategies.
Bill Moschella
Bill Moschella

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